There’s no love when there’s no sacrifice

After the fall of Adam and Eve, childbearing became painful and man began to labor for food.

What I learned from Fr. Mike Schmitz’s Bible in a Year is that the consequences for the fall are not curses, but a remedy.

The disobedience of Adam and Eve was not just a sin but resulted from a lack of love. Adam and Eve were not able to sacrifice their desire for the fruit of knowledge of good and evil for the sake of their love for God.

Through the remedies, God did not want to punish or teach Adam and Eve a lesson. He wanted them to learn how to love and experience its fullness.

The pain and risks of childbearing teach a couple how valuable life is. Through life-giving union, the sexual embrace becomes a selfless act.

By toiling for food, man learns to sacrifice for his family. Labor becomes meaningful.

True love entails sacrifice. When there’s no sacrifice, there’s no love.

Whenever we are facing challenges at work or in our lives, whenever we are sacrificing what we desire for the people we love, we can draw strength from the knowledge our sacrifices are not meaningless. Our sacrifices are because of love. And one day, we will experience the fullness of love because of the very sacrifices that we make.

Let’s pause and pray:

Lord, thank You for teaching me how to love. There are times when my burdens feel too heavy for me to bear. But, may I remember why I continue to carry them, why I continue to sacrifice. I continue to sacrifice because of love. May You give me the strength to continue to love, even when it requires a lot of sacrifices. Even You sacrificed Your own life because of Your love for us. Amen.

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