Winning and losing

Carlo Cruz
2 min readApr 18, 2022


In sports, there’s a clear winner and loser.

But if one wins in life, it doesn’t mean that another has to lose.

If one earns more, has better relationships, or has successful businesses, it doesn’t mean he or she has won over another who has less. Winning doesn’t make a person any greater than another. Losing doesn’t make a person any less as well.

But I hope that when we win, we help others win as well.

I guess the same goes for the elections. People are getting hurt because they think that if their candidate loses, they also lose or they become less, and vice versa. Our egos can also get hurt by supporting the loser or get boosted by supporting the winner.

It doesn’t work that way.

If my candidate wins, it doesn’t mean I also win. If my candidate loses, it doesn’t mean I lose. How many politicians have promised us better lives only to make the ordinary Filipinos suffer more?

But I hope that whoever wins this coming May, I hope every Filipino will win — not just those with vested interests.

We’re not voting for our candidates. We’re voting for the Philippines. We’re voting for the Filipinos. And I pray that the Filipinos win this time.

This election is not about our egos. It’s not about who’s right or wrong. It’s about our country.

Father, may You bless our country. May You heal hearts and relationships that are being broken. I myself am being broken. But, may I always remember that You are in control. I am weary and anxious because of the things I’m hearing and reading. May I turn to You now and listen to You more, instead of all the hatred and lies. Only You are the Truth.

P.S. I’m not voting for Leni. I’m voting because of her promise to enact the Full Disclosure bill as an executive order. How helpful would that be in curbing corruption even at the baranggay level? Because it is every Filipino’s right to know how taxpayers’ money is being spent. But if she breaks her promise, I will be critical of her. If Leni loses, it doesn’t make me any less because I supported a losing candidate. If she wins, it will not make me any better than the supporters of other candidates. Regardless of the results, my life goes on. I still need to work for my family, pursue my dreams, and strive to live a life of service.

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